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The Eddys

"Formed in 2009, Coastal Eddy have roots in California's San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire areas. Their style mixes the notable and infectious ska sound with alternative rock and attributes of psychedelic rock for a tone that is unique, yet somehow familiar. Coastal Eddy eschews digital effects and synthetic instruments with outspoken enthusiasm, and as a result their recordings sound as if the band were playing there in the listener's living room. Their warm atmosphere is welcoming, fun, raw, and extremely danceable. Their debut album, “Sex and Shelter,” is absolutely appropriate for house parties, long drives, or casual strolls about town".


"Coastal Eddy is Cory Cosio, Abel Vallejo and Jeremy Hunter. They have been playing live in the So. Cal. area as Coastal Eddy for nearly six years, garnering an ever-larger fan base all the while. Each of them being musicians with taste, skill, and experience, each of them take pride in their fellow players. They are proud to note drummer Vallejo's classical training at the Musician's Institute, from which he is a graduate. Inland-Empire bassist Cosio plays against the drums with the natural groove of a bird on wind. Hunter's sonorous singing is both laid-back and soulful at once, his guitar topping off the crew with that certain jive feel that has made ska music popular since the 1960s".



-S. McCauley

 Staff Press Release Writer







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